Crazy Wisdom:Rock Bags, 1996,

2 cloth bags 15"x9",
2 blue stones 4"x5.5",
3 blue stones 2.5"x3.5"x9"

These sculptures attempt to deny their
physicality. Labeled on the outside with
rune-like letters their weight suggests
the density of rock but their shape is
soft and flexible.
When the bag is open the stones are
camoflaged against the sky blue interior
of the bag. Instead of the expected
closed darkness of a bag we witness the
open color of the sky and "invisible"
The title comes from a book by Trungpa
Rinpoche in which there is a story about
the Madman of Tsang, a great siddha
who lives in the eastern mountains of
Tibet. My favourite part describes a vast
treasury he has accumulated consisting of
bags and bags of precious things which
turn out to be driftwood and rocks.

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