Outdoor Paintings

Street Locations

The visual commons have been poluted and taken over by multi-national corporations with their loud, shrill advertising.

Imagine if the visual commons belonged to the people and we could enjoy art exhibitions on the way to and from work.

-Nura Petrov
Graffiti and Mayan, Chinese and Celtic calligraphy and iconography 2013, 22 min video

  • London Bus Stop London Bus Stop
  • Notting Hill Gate Station Notting Hill Gate Station
  • New York City, Winter New York City, Winter
  • Department Store WIndow, NYC Department Store WIndow, NYC
  • Rain and Concrete Rain and Concrete
  • Cycling Past Street Signs Cycling Past Street Signs
  • Department Store, Paris Department Store, Paris
  • Reclaiming a building, work in progress Reclaiming a building, work in progress
  • Billboard Advertisement Billboard Advertisement